Mem Sevenster was born in Johannesburg and lives and works in Stellenbosch.

In her artmaking she communicates her own experiences with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), addressing what lies hidden in her own subconscious realm, allowing it to burst to the surface of consciousness. She feels drawn to specific aspects of the mystical and the bizarre that attract the human psyche.

Repetition and accumulation are characteristic features of Mem’s working process. She collects objects, drawings and maps, and integrates them into her artworks. She exploits a variety of visual and other symbols, in particular the number five which is significant in all aspects of her artmaking. She engages in many forms of creative activity to inform and raise questions around obsession and compulsion.

In terms of her latest work, Mem has created a short film where the script consists of automatic writing and ready-made poetry; and has converted one of her poems into a song by composing her own music. She has also designed an OCD game application.

She received her B.V.A. degree at Unisa in 2016.